Oh My Stars! Game

Oh My Stars! Game

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Get ready to hear, “Mommy, can we play the stars game again?” with this fun, motivating game. You place the stars throughout the house next to the thing you want your child to do. She earns the stars as she guesses and does what you expect.

For example, you want to get ready to leave the house. You might put star #1 on the toys on the bedroom floor (signifying clean your room). Star #2 could go in or on her sock drawer. Place star #3 on her shoes. Star #4 goes on the bathroom doorknob (for go potty and brush teeth). Star #5 hangs next to her coat.

She has fun playing the game. You have fun watching her get ready by herself, without complaining! YEAH!

Kit includes five square stars, five pieces of ribbon, and the Oh My Stars! banner. The set of four includes five blue, green, yellow and purple square stars, four cup hooks not included, 20 pieces of ribbon and the Oh My Stars! banner.

Use Oh My Stars! in any situation. For kids who are learning to read, use a wet-erase marker and write what you expect them to do right on the star. Markers sold separately.

Some assembly is required but don’t be scared. You will cut the tie the ribbon together and hang up the hooks. This makes it so we keep our prices low. Low prices means you pay less. So, everybody wins!