Today's Fun

Today's Fun

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This is not a checklist. It is not a to-do list. It’s simply a way to help you organize your day so your children will understand what is coming next. You probably try to verbally prepare them for what is coming, “in ten minutes, we’ll go to the store.” This is a visual tool that works the same way.

You write down what you will be doing and your kids put a picture of what they will be doing. Even a two-year-old will be more sympathetic to your perusal of the newspaper if she can see that a trip to the park is coming soon.

The kit includes the laminated, magnetic “Today’s Fun” card, eighteen activity pieces, including three blanks for you to write in your own activities. You also receive a wet erase pen and a laminated magnetized envelope.

Some assembly is required but don’t be scared. You will cut the velcro and attach it to the chart and cut apart the pieces. This makes it so we keep our prices low. Low prices means you pay less. So, everybody wins!