Chore Chart

Chore Chart

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Our chore chart is interactive, fun, educational, and cute. Kids get to interact with their parents as they decide together how many points their chores are worth. They get to set goals for how many points they can earn in six days and if they reach their goal, earn a reward. When they do a chore, they get to physically move the chore from the “do it” to the “did it” section.

It’s fun because kids love the reward of being able to move the pieces themselves and weekly rewards give them something to look forward to. They learn math skills as they tally their points daily and weekly but more importantly, they learn a sense of responsibility as they work to achieve something they want.

The kids chore chart is laminated and has magnets on the back to easily hang on the fridge. Kit includes one fine tip wet-erase pen, magnetized laminated envelope to keep extra pieces in, and Velcro to attach pieces to the chart. Chores included in the kit: Pull Weeds, Help Mommy, Clear Table, Set Table, Clean Room, Trash, Dishes, Clean Mirrors, Mow Lawn, Help with Dinner, Make Bed, Clean Up After Pets, Dust, Pick Up Toys, Laundry, Feed Pets, Clean Toilet, Do Homework, Read, Wash Table, Sweep, Water Garden or Plants, Walk Pets, Vacuum, Help Daddy, and five blanks for you to fill in.

Some assembly is required but don’t be scared. You will cut the velcro and attach it to the chart and cut apart the chore pieces. This makes it so we keep our prices low. Low prices means you pay less. So, everybody wins!